Distances in a straight line


The distances in a straight line service calculates the distance in a straight line between two or more points, by taking into consideration the curvature of the earth. This service provides also an estimation of the flight time between the points chosen.

Note: The driving distance between the points differs from the result you will get via this service. For the distances in a straight line service, you can find instructions as well as expamples of usage below.


Roughly hours   
and         minutes  

The distance is too short for a flight duration calculation
Adjust map on route
Hide/Show points

Remove last point

Usage of buttons on the right side

  • Adjust map on route: Auto zoom for optimized route display on the map
  • Hide/Show points: Toggle between hiding and showing all points of the route
  • Remove last point: Remove each time the last point of the route
  • RESET: Removal of all points and the entre route from the map and reset map to default state

User instructions

  • Navigate on the map and click on it for the desired point
  • Alternatively, you can use the quick find option to get to a larger area (by inserting the area, an address, or even a (geo lat, geo long) pair) and to then click on the specific desired point
  • After clicking on the first point, you can repeat the process to click on any other number of points of interest
  • The total distance in a straight line between the points chosen appears each time on the right side of the screen after adding each point at a time
  • Ability to display the distance in km, miles and nautical miles
  • The service also offers a flight time estimation for the route which is created (the estimation is based on the average speed of a passenger jet)
  • As many points as possible can be placed, so as a route of interest to be comprised
  • At any time you can "lift" and move points and all calculations will be automatically adjusted (distance and flight time)

Examples for using the service

Distance calculation between 2 points in a straight line

In the example below, it can be seen that the straight line distance between Athens and Volos is 168,3 klm.

Athens Volos straight line distance

Distance calculation between multiple points

If we proceed in roughly comprising the driving distance between Athens and Volos, then we get a total distance of 301,1 klm.

Athens Volos driving distance

For a much more accurate calculation of driving distances, we recommend you use the apostaseis.gr driving distance service.

Distance calculation taking into consideration earth's curvature

The straight line distance calculation service always takes into consideration the curvature of the earth, therefore for example, you can see the route which an airplane follows to cover the distance Athens - San Francisco, where the total straight line distance is 10935 klm.

Athens San Francisco distance

Flight time calculation

The current service is also providing an estimation for the flight time required to cover a selected distance. In the previous example of the Athens - San Francisco distance, you will notice that the flight duration is roughly 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Local distances calculation

In a local level you can also measure how much for instance your house is located vs a point of interest, e.g. the distance of the Athens College track shown below, is 400 meters (0.4 klm).

Athens College track

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