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Address locator


The address locator service is an tool, allowing its visitors to quickly and easily locate the address of their choice on the map. This can be done either by inserting the address in the text field above the map and clicking "LOCATE", or by simply clicking on the desired location on the map. The service also discloses the exact geo location of the chosen point (geo latitude and geo longitude).

User instructions
  • Insert the desired address and click "LOCATE"
  • Alternatively you can click on the desired location on the map
  • In both cases, a popup will appear which will contain the exact geo location (geo latitude and geo longitude) of the selected point
  • By clicking "Bring map to default state" the map will reset to its original state and all points will be erased

Examples for using the service

Below an example can be seen where a user either queries for a desired address, or by clicking on the map.

Address locator