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Taxi cost calculation

Calculating route...

The taxi cost calculation service allows the visitors to get a cost estimation as far as what to expect as a fair taxi cost for a selected route (optimized for traffic conditions - whenever and wherever this is available).

User instructions
  • Insert the (FROM) and (TO) addresses, or simply click on the desired points/locations on the map, fill out all prompted criteria (e.g. time when you will get a taxi, number of luggage, etc) and then click on "CALCULATE COST" to get a taxi cost estimation
  • The optimization of each route takes into account the live traffic data (whenever and wherever this is available)
  • At any time you can "lift" and move the origin and destination points on the map, or alternatively you can click on 2 new points on the map for a new route calculation
  • At any time you can also change the prompted criteria and recalculate the cost by clicking on "CALCULATE COST"
  • You can erase all points on the map, as well as the calculated route by clicking on the "Erase all points and routes" button and you can reset the map to its origical state by clicking on the button "Bring map to default state"
  • At the end of the info box, you are presented with the total distance, as well as the estimated time for the coverage of the route
  • You will also be notified of a route containing tolls, the cost of which is NOT included in the taxi cost estimation. You can also check the "Avoid tolls" option and click on "CALCULATE COST" to see an alternative route which you might want to discuss with the taxi driver
  • Finally, there is (via the option "Avoid major highways") the choice to get a route without major highways, in case you want to avoid them

Examples for using the service

Below you can see the case of the taxi cost estimation within Athens (for a route from downtown to an address in Cholargos), by using a simple radiotaxi call and having 1 suitcase weighing more than 10 kilos.

How much would I pay for a taxi ride from Athens to Cholargos