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Distance Litohoro Pierias - Exaplatanos Pellas

Below you can find the distance between Litohoro Pierias and Exaplatanos Pellas if you are to drive it, fuel cost, the straight line distance and its flight duration.


135 kilometers

Covered in roughly

1 hours 46 minutes

by car


Enter your vehicle's median fuel consumption (in lt/100km):


The fuel cost estimate refers to routes on continental territory and is calculated based on the average prices Nationwide from the data of the daily fuel price overview sheet of the Ministry of Development. According to these data, the average prices of liquid fuels in the country on 23/05/2024 were:

  • Unleaded 95 octanes: From 4499 gas stations, the average price was 1.925€/liter
  • Unleaded 100 octanes: From 2805 gas stations, the average price was 2.127€/liter
  • Diesel: From 4819 gas stations, the average price was 1.639€/liter
  • Autogas: Από 1177 gas stations, the average price was 0.836€/liter

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102 kilometers

Covered in roughly

40 minutes

by airplane

The distance is too short for a flight duration calculation

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Live image close to Litohoro

Mount Olympus - 2650m altitude
brightness_1 ONLINE
Mount Olympus - 2650m altitude

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Live image close to Exaplatanos

Aridaia Pinovo-Jena
brightness_1 ONLINE
Aridaia Pinovo-Jena

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