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Driving distances, fuel costs and detailed driving directions

Fuel Cost

Enter the distance you got after you pressed "CALCULATE ROUTE" (in km):
Enter your vehicle's median fuel consumption (in lt/100km):


The fuel cost estimate refers to routes on continental territory and is calculated based on the average prices Nationwide from the data of the daily fuel price overview sheet of the Ministry of Development. According to these data, the average prices of liquid fuels in the country on 27/02/2024 were:

  • Unleaded 95 octanes: From 4509 gas stations, the average price was 1.901€/liter
  • Unleaded 100 octanes: From 2793 gas stations, the average price was 2.077€/liter
  • Diesel: From 4831 gas stations, the average price was 1.732€/liter
  • Autogas: Από 1082 gas stations, the average price was 0.891€/liter

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The driving distance service calculates the driving distance between two points (with the ability to also declare an intermediate point or points) and provides you with detailed instructions on how to reach your destination by following the optimal route for the optimal time (optimization occurs by taking into consideration the traffic data of the streets - wherever and whenever applicable). The indication of traffic on the map is as follows:
- Blue: Low traffic
- Orange: Moderate traffic
- Red: High traffic
- Dark red: Very high traffic

The fuel cost calculation is being provided by entering the distance you will get from the "GET ROUTE" funtionality, as well as the median fuel consumption of your vehicle and after taking into consideration the average fuel prices in Greece for unleaded 95, unleaded 100, super, as well as diesel fuel.

Note: The distance in a straight line will be different from the result you will get in this service. User instructions for the driving distance service can be found further below in the current page.

User instructions
  • Fill out the origin address (FROM) and the destination (TO) and then press the "GET ROUTE" button to get the driving distance, the optimized route, the detailed driving directions, as well as a majority of other useful info for that route
  • The optimized route calculation is being perfromed by taking into consideration live traffic data from the streets (whenever and wherever that is applicable)
  • You can optionally insert one or more intermmediate points (VIA field). If you select to enter multiple addresses/locations you can do so by using the character "|" as divider between them
  • Everytime a route is being calculated, use the distance you get, as well as the median of your vehicle's consumption, to calculate an estimation of the fuel cost (for unleaded 95, 100, super and diesel) based on the average fuel prices for Greece