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Calculating route...


User instructions
  • Fill out the origin address (FROM) and the destination (TO) and then press the "GET ROUTE" button, or alternatively just click on 2 points on the map and you will get the hiking distance, the optimized route and the detailed hiking directions for that route
  • At any time you can "lift" and move the origin and destination points on the map, or alternatively you can click on 2 new points on the map for a new route calculation
  • You can optionally insert 1 intermmediate point (VIA field)
  • The detailed hiking instructions appear on the right side of the screen
  • By clicking on each driving instruction leg, you can automatically see the details for that leg on the map
  • By clicking on "Avoid major highways" you can calculate the route without passing from major highways (if that is possible)
  • You can erase all points on the map, as well as the calculated route by clicking on the "Erase all points and routes" button and you can reset the map to its origical state by clicking on the button "Bring map to default state"

Examples for using the service

Either by placing the desired addresses in the text fields above the map, or by clicking on the map, or even by moving existing points on the map, you can get the route between origin and destination, as well as instructions on how to hike it. Below you can see an example of hiking from Ampelokipoi to Syntagma in Athens both directly, as well as with an intermediate destination being Pedio tou Areos.

Hiking with an intermediate destination